I Have Come in to Some Money

I have started to look at ways of safely investing the money I got from my great grandfather. He died about three months ago after living to the age of 93 and surviving three wives. Some way or another he still had a pretty good amount of money left over when he died. He was not a rich man exactly, but he was not poor either. He owned some commercial real estate in Lowell MA and it produced more than enough income to support him, even after he blew a lot of it on women. He was still chasing girls when he was in his 80’s although they obviously would not be called girls at their age. At any rate what he left me is about enough money to put a down payment on a decent sized house and have a little left over. If I needed a house it would be awesome. The truth is that I am living with my fiance and she has her own house. Continue reading “I Have Come in to Some Money”

What Are Some Nice Places to Live in Stockbridge

I have decided that I am living on the wrong side of the city and that I have to find something on the other side of the Metro area. Ideally I would be able to find some nice, inexpensive Stockbridge Ga apartments because that is where I need to be at half past seven every morning. I am working about five blocks from the Stockbridge City Hall off of North Henry Blvd. I am not really sure how much it is going to cost to live up there, as it seems like it is a nicer and more expensive area than the place that I am living now. I do not probably need to complain about the traffic here in the Metro area to any of the locals, but my drive is starting to wear on me pretty bad. Continue reading “What Are Some Nice Places to Live in Stockbridge”

Tips for surviving the bidding war

The housing market has been moving at a record-breaking pace creating what is known as a gf8seller’s market in many areas. Great, but where does that leave the buyers? Well, it can leave them with limited choices in a market that is highly motivated, or, it can mean that more sellers want to capitalize on the market, offering up some excellent products that would otherwise not become available for sale.

With the laws of supply and demand, when the demand out weighs the supply, you can find rising prices and of course the dreaded multiple offer situation, AKA: bidding wars. Your real estate professional can help you with some tried and true tactics that can help you get your dream home.

As a home buyer you need to strengthen your negotiating position and submit the best offer that you can, taking into consideration every term and condition of the offer, not only price. The home seller may have many offers to choose from and will take the most attractive one. In order to make your offer as attractive as possible start by giving the seller exactly what they asked for in

Searching for homes online

With the prevalence of the internet more information has become available to the average fgt6r8home shopper or seller. But is that enough when it comes to your largest investment?

Many people are under assumption that public real estate websites have the same information that is available to real estate professionals. Not so. The truth is realtors have access to a great deal more valuable information than what the public sees when they visit websites like mls.ca. There is information like how many times the property has been offered for sale, and when, and for how much, how many times it has sold in the past years and so on. Real estate agents will also have access to the listing date, expiry date, required deposit and vendor information that play a vital role in determining value or developing a negotiation strategy. This information could make the difference between getting your offer accepted and not.

Realtors also have access to information such as what similar houses in the area have sold for, how often they become available for sale, how long it takes on average for a home to sell in the area.


Get Your House Ready to Sell

Moving into a new home is exciting, but what’s not exciting is getting your current home ready fdy7to sell. Ironic that the very home you are tired of is the home you are trying to sell to someone else! Buyers like kitchens with dingy counters and bathrooms with outdated tile, right? Wrong. But renovating a house to sell isn’t as expensive or as tough as you might think. We’ve got tips from experts that help you put your money in the three most important places to get your home sold quickly.

One of the most profitable places to put your money is in the kitchen. A family centres around the kitchen. At parties, everyone eventually makes their way to where the food is being made! Making this room attractive to buyers helps sell the home in a way other rooms can’t. Sandra Rinomato of HGTV’s popular show Property Virgins advises that “a lot of buyers cannot fathom the thought of renovating a kitchen and want a kitchen with granite countertops and stainless steel appliances.” But if these aren’t in your budget, don’t worry. She says there are other options like

How Important is Staging A Home?

How Important is Staging A HomeHave you ever noticed how so many homes on the market are beautifully decorated? That’s because many real estate agents recommend staging the homes before listing it. If the seller agrees, a professional home stager will come in to move furniture around, bring in new pieces, and make the home look more inviting overall. Sellers are sometimes hesitant to agree to pay for this and wonder if it’s really necessary to sell their home. How important is staging a home? Very! Here’s why:

Staging hides issues.

A study done by the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents showed buyers are more likely to ignore certain types of issues with a home when it is staged. When this happens, buyers tend to pay more, since they don’t reduce the price to account for these minor issues. For example, a staged home can cover chipped paint, worn down carpet or scratches in the countertops. If it’s done right, it can also make dark and cramped rooms look bright and airy, therefore drawing more buyers into your home.

Staging makes a home stand

How is the real estate market doing in Bloomington, IL?

The main way you can know how the Bloomington land business sector is doing is to be educated. On this page, we will furnish you with the data you have to see how the Bloomington Housing Market is doing. Whether you are a homeowner in Bloomington or a purchaser hunting homes down a deal in Bloomington, IL, the accompanying data is given to give you a diagram of the Bloomington land market. The accompanying measurements incorporate just single family homes in Bloomington. The measurements do exclude condominiums, townhomes, or multi-unit properties. For definite figures on what your home can offer for or for inquiries regarding acquiring land in Bloomington.

What happened to the homes that were recorded available to be purchased amid June 2016?

Of the 53 homes that were available in Bloomington amid June 2016, 0% never sold. 98 % are still recorded available to be purchased, and 70% were removed the market by the home merchant for some reason. Of the considerable number of homes that were available to be purchased sooner or later amid June 2016, just 65% was sold! It is not a peculiarity. The rate of homes that offer in any given month is little when contrasted

Five Must-To Avoid Tips When Looking To Sell Your Florida Home Fast

How to sale my home in Florida? Is this the question you are looking answer for? If yes, then this article may help you sell your Florida home without much trouble.

Well, selling your house – particularly if you have never faced such kind of situation before – can be astoundingly time consuming and sentimentally challenging. With no experience whatsoever and emotional attachment to the property, it is easy for the first time home sellers in Florida to make various errors, but with a little know-how several of these mistakes can be overlooked altogether. Let’s check out how to get the best possible value for your Florida property without losing your brain:

Getting Involved Sentimentally:
Once you come to a decision to put your home for sale, it is essential to start considering yourself as a business person rather than a property owner. By handling the whole process from a simply financial standpoint, you will keep yourself away from the sentimental facets of selling the house that you have undeniably created a lot of memories in. You will definitely get top dollars for your property if you keep your emotions away.

Setting an Impractical Price:
It doesn’t matter whether you’ve hired an agent

Why People Invest In Ghaziabad Flats

Ghaziabad is a well planned industrial city that attracts a lot of talent. The city is also called the Gateway of UP and it offers plenty of educational as well as employment opportunities. Real estate in Ghaziabad is growing at an exponential rate and hence the city is considered as one the fastest growing cities across the globe. Ghaziabad real estate is prospering due to its proximity to Delhi and other economic hubs. The Delhi Metro services have also attracted people who could not afford to buy homes in other Delhi NCR localities to invest in real estate in Ghaziabad. Many people who already own a flat in Delhi or NCR buy flats in Ghaziabad such as flats in Indirapuram and property in Raj Nagar Extension as a second home. Other may also buy Ghaziabad flats like Raj Nagar Extension property and Indirapuram flats as an investment alternative or to earn decent rental income. Since many people come to the city for employment or education purposes flats in Ghaziabad also earn decent rentals.


If one is looking to invest in the city the one must know that Ghaziabad real estate offers plenty

Tips for Buying a Vacation Home in California

Location, Location, Location for Buying A Vaction Home in California Ask anyone in real estate what the most important factor of buying a home is and they’ll inevitably answer with the quintessential real estate quip: “location, location, location!” This may be a cliche, but it’s especially important when it comes to purchasing a vacation home. Whether you intend to retire in your vacation home, or simply use it as for a certain amount of time before re-selling it, investing time into locating an ideal area is always a wide idea.

Keep in mind that you should spend a fair amount of time in the neighborhood before purchasing. Explore during peak seasons, but be sure to visit in off-season, once the crowds have cleared. Different seasons bring different vibes to neighborhoods. It’s key that you familiarize yourself with what the area has to offer in off-season.

If you intend to really use your vacation home, experts recommend that you select a home no more than two hours away from your primary residence. If you have to commute more than two hours to get to your new vacation home, you won’t go there nearly as often as you think. Moreover, the farther away your

Do you Want Tips on Selling Your Home

You are ready to sell your home– where do you start? There are many things that can be done that will make selling your home a bit more of a breeze. Create a to-do list, so you can check things off as you go. Stay organized and be aware of what is needed to be done. Your real estate agent, Dennis Mahafkey, can give you a deeper look into what is to absolutely be done prior to selling; in preparation of the move. Do not let your home sit and wait; you are ready and you need to get your home ready, too!

Happy closing day to YOU! Of course moving is both a fun and sometimes sad day– saying goodbye to years of memories, or simply looking forward to the many memories to be made. I am here today with just a few tips on how to sell your home and sell it fast. I will share some tricks and tips, but here are just a few of the things you can do to get your house sold in just one showing (or as quickly as possible).

Declutter your home! Show off your space as best as you are able to.

Apartments Flats in East Pune – Luxurious Homes at Affordable Prices

East Pune has emerged as the new realty hotspots. The eastern corridor of Pune was once confined to Camp and Koregaon Park, has now expanded to include the regions of Kalyani Nagar, Kharadi, Viman Nagar, Wagholi, Keshav Nagar, Dhanori and Lohegaon. Towering infrastructure housing luxurious flats and well-structures Township along with the presence of gated community are emerging trends that are enticing property investors and home owners. These flats and apartments are built in prime locations in close proximity to railway station, schools, colleges, prime hospitals, giant shopping malls, and IT parks. Various factors are contributing to the soaring demands for the plush apartments and luxury townships. With the IT boom and a large chunk of migrant population employed in IT and ITeS, proximity to cyber parks offer alluring employment opportunities. Presence of Magarpatta Cyber City, International Tech Park Pune, and EON IT parks and many more stunning IT parks in Viman Nagar & Kalyani Nagar. The resident of east Pune can enjoy plethora of opportunities to choose from, along with maintaining work-life balance.

Not only this, the residential owners in east Pune have a wide range of residential options ranging from affordable flats having basic amenities to luxury flats having

Overcoming Challenges in Real Estate Indospace

Many real estate and warehousing companies strive to become the top-notch companies in the field. Of all the logistics related real estate sector, IndoSpace stands out as a pioneer in the modern industrial sector with a total target built-up area of over 15 million sq. ft.

Here is a further sneak-peak into the logistics giant- IndoSpace and the various elements pertaining to the same.

IndoSpace is a logistics park master planned with a modern infrastructure that helps carry out efficient logistics operations. It is responsible for creating a complete environment that lets tenants and operate efficaciously, without any hindrances. The difference between modern distribution space and a typical warehouse is visible in terms of the range of quality of construction to circulation area around the buildings. The quality of proper management and maintenance is just another addition to what modern warehouses have to offer, says a person from the industrial real estate India.

No matter how imperative and indispensable the logistics sector is to the economy, it is not sheltered from some of the most gruelling challenges. India, for that matter, has an extremely limited supply of quality industrial and logistics-related sector.


The two most

Residential Properties in Nashik Affordable or Not

Nashik- A city that has not only begun its journey towards being a smart city,but, has also numerous investors showing immense interest in investing in the residential as well as commercial properties in the city.

For a common man who does not own a property in the city, residing in a rented flat is the only option they are left with. So, if I speak about the common man or the mango people as they are generally referred to, is there really a need to have affordable residential properties or one can charge any amount of the rental value of the property while giving it on rent to a tenant?

Obviously not! But, who sets the standards of the rental value?

Well! Take the case of Nashik.


A person who has been residing in this city for years, is spending at least 4K as rent on an average. With more and more real estate developers in Nashik establishing new residential projects there is a lot of scope for them to turn into rented flats in no time! Few of the reasons being, an

Altis Oceanique A Luxurious Apartments in ECR

The enormous realty upgradation of Chennai metropolis is accountable to the raised demand of modern designer homes with features and facilities concurrently. The industrial upgradation of Chennai have actually motivated in such a makeover that encounters modish infrastructural outlook.

Altis Oceanique is all set to rephrase the definition of life offering a wide range of opulent and lavish residences. Structured by Altis Properties, the luxurious project is located at pristinely yet vibrant locale of East Coast Road in Chennai. The swanky 2 and 3 BHK luxurious apartments of the project range from 1250-2750 sqft in area those are capacious enough to accommodate the lively celebrations of life. Further, the location of the project allows it’s pristinely existence in proximity to Kovalam Beach. The plush interiors of every apartment fascinates with luxury and elegance. Moreover, the sea view relished by every residential unit sets a distinctive level of visual treat for the owners. The corner space delegated to these flats in ECR reserves maximum scenic pleasure, cross ventilation, along with unleashed grace. The list of common amenities mentioned below offers a hub for relaxation post a hectic urban livelihood schedule:

  • Infinity Pool
  • Gymnasium
  • Party Deck
  • Indoor Games
  • Roof

Reasons To Invest In Commercial Real Estate

Commercial property includes industrial property, office buildings, medical centers, malls, hotels e.t.c.

In this article we are going to discuss the advantages/benefits of investing in the booming commercial real estate market in Los Angeles.

Professional relationships. In most cases, small business owners usually take take pride in their businesses and thus want to protect their livelihood i.e their businesses. The owners of commercial properties are usually not single individuals, but limited liability companies which operate the commercial property as a business, thus, the tenant and the landlord have a more of business to business relationship. This keeps the interactions between the two courteous and professional which helps keep interactions professional and courteous.

Public eye. Retail tenants have a strong interest in maintaining their stores and storefront. This is because if they don’t, it will greatly affect their business. As a result, property owner interests and commercial tenants are aligned. This helps the owner to improve and maintain the quality of the property and thus increasing the value of their investment.


A high income potential. This is the best reason to invest in commercial

Working with real estate agents

Did you know all realtors work on behalf of the seller of a home and not the buyer?

By law, all realtors—even the one showing the home, listening to your housing dreams and your financial details—work in the best interest of the seller. That is, unless a savvy home buyer signs a Buyer Representation Agreement with a realtor who will work exclusively on their behalf during a home purchase. Without it, under the law of the agency, realtors must pass on any information that may influence the home-buying negotiations to the sellers of the home that their customers are bidding on; even how much they would pay for the home or their motivation.

Canadians now have two choices: customer relationship or client relationship.

A customer service agreement is a disclosure form that states that the realtor is NOT working for you as a buyer, but is providing customer service (fair and honest treatment, factual information about the property that is not visibly evident and to answer any questions you ask about the condition of the property) to you.

With customer status you are virtually “unrepresented” and in a “buyer beware” situation.

On the other hand, Buyer Representation Agreements state that the realtor is

Thinking about buying your first home

There are a lot of things to consider when buying your first home. How long do you plan on living there? What kind of lifestyle are you looking for? What do you really need? The average Canadian moves every three to five years; keep this in mind when shopping for a home as it may be true for you. For example, a one bedroom loft may be perfect for a young couple without children. They could live there for several years enjoying the benefits of home ownership in an affordable home, with a carefree lifestyle. Someone else who is planning a family could quickly outgrow the space and may need to rethink the loft. If the near future looks very different for you then find a home that will allow for the lifestyle change. On the other hand, there’s no need to get an expensive two- or three-bedroom home if you don’t need the extra rooms.

When it comes to borrowing money some say that you shouldn’t borrow as much as you qualify for and the other school of thought says you should buy as much home as you can afford. It may be true that with regular pay

Eight Tips on Selling in a Slow Market

Selling a house in a slow real estate market can be difficult. In times like these, it’s not enough to simply list your home and wait; you actually have to sell your home. No one really wants to sell anything when the market is bad, however, it’s not impossible to sell your house in these conditions. Even though the market’s not favourable to sellers and widespread economic recovery may be months, even years off, there are a number of tactics available to increase the likelihood of a sale. It just takes a positive attitude and a different kind of game plan. Here’s eight tips from a real estate sales rep to get you started.

Know Your Market

One of the most important things you can do to get your house sold is to learn your market, the value of your property and your competition. Most sellers operate in the dark, simply offering the property for the price they want, without regard to what other homes have sold for and are currently selling for. Undervaluing or overpricing your home can cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

Price Your Home Right

With homes sales slowing

How To Research A Condo Developer

You’re in love: the swanky model suite, the hip new neighbourhood, the trendy amenities…but before you say “I do” to any condominium developer, there’s some pretty unromantic work to do. Any real estate deal involves enough money and risk to warrant caution, and condos are no different. Especially with a home that has yet to be built, you definitely want to choose a developer that’s reliable, responsible, and reputable. Some tips to keep in mind:

Perform a thorough background check on the builder. Investigating the reputation and financial health of the builder is of utmost importance. This involves poring over some fine print as well as some legwork, but you cannot afford to gloss over this step.

First, create a short list of reputable builders you will consider buying from. Scott McLellan, VP Sales and Marketing for premier Toronto builder Tridel, says that you should begin by looking into the builder’s history and track record. “How long has been the builder actually been doing this? And this particular kind of project?” are essential questions, he says. Unsatisfactory answers include “This is the first building/first high-rise we’ve ever done,” and “The last two projects we’ve done were

How to Find a Real Estate Agent

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell your home, a good real estate agent is essential – and can be hard to find. Here are the top 10 things to look for in a potential agent.

Tell Me About Yourself
This open-ended question opens the floor to bragging rights. What you want to hear: how long the agent’s been practicing, his best sale, how he refers to past clients, a sense of professionalism and the ability to be honest with you. Once the agent’s done boasting, ask him to send you information about his business. You’ll see how quickly he responds to your request and how professional the brochure is (which will give you an idea what your sell sheet will look like if you’re selling your home).

Selling Skills
How many homes has the agent listed and sold in the last six months? This question will tell you where the agent’s strength lies – in helping clients buy or sell homes – and his rate of success.

Home Sense
Does the agent excel in helping clients buy or sell homes? Do they know the starter-condo market or the 18th century, multi-million-dollar estate market? What type of home did

Why are some homes hard to insure

When you’re buying a home there can be a lot of details that need attending to in a short period of time. One of those details is arranging for the insurance on your new home and its contents. Mortgage finance companies will insist on proof that you have home insurance in place prior to advancing the funds for your closing. They want to ensure that your investment is protected and without insurance, you may not get a mortgage. This is an awful and potentially costly outcome to deal with at the last minute, so you may want to do some work in advance.

Start out by checking with your lawyer about the existing home insurance on the property. Typically, the home insurance on the property will be cancelled on the possession date, and it’s your responsibility to arrange for a new insurance policy. Your lawyer can confirm that this is the case, and that no insurance policy is transferring to you upon closing. Carrying over the home insurance on an older property can be beneficial to you should you have trouble insuring your home, however, if you choose to find a new insurance policy you want to make sure